Marketing audit

We will prepare an overall marketing analysis that will focus on assessing the current status of your business and include a set of important recommendations. The audit is particularly suitable for clients who experience reduction in efficiency, fail to achieve their goals, fall into routine or do not use their business potential to the full.

It will also include the development of a competitive analysis, i.e. an objective, fair and comprehensive view of the market and its players in order to propose specific measures to the client. In our report, you will also get an overview of your competition. You will find out who is on the market and how they communicate, what their portfolio is, what is unique about them, how they deal with social networks, what is their financial health and many other factors. Based on this report, we will define your competitive advantage. Finally, we will present the so-called „competitive position map“, where we define how your competitive environment looks, what its main parameters of development are, and where is the space within the market to position your brand.


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